How do I get a ham radio license in Canada or the USA?


We are regularly asked ‘How do I get my Ham/Amateur Radio license? You need one of the following Study Guides prior to contacting your local Amateur Radio club for more information on writing your exam. 


Canada 🇨🇦

1) RAC (Radio Amateurs Of Canada)

Radio Amateurs Of Canada Study Guide
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Hamstudy Basic 2017/2018: Everything you need to know for your Canadian basic exam Paperback. Click here for Amazon.Ca Link

2) Click here to practice on the official exams from Industry Canada Official Website Test-Prep Generator Exam.


1) ARRL ( American Radio Relay League )
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ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4th Edition (Spiral Bound) All you need to become an Amateur Radio Operator! Easy-to-understand “bite-sized” sections. Use this book, and pass the 35-question Technician Class license test



live radio scanner

Click the play button below to listen live. This live stream includes Amateur/Ham Radio Repeaters/Fire located in Southern, Ontario, Canada. 


AlternatE Players


NOTE: The Radio is constantly scanning for
active frequencies. It’s quite normal for the
radio to be quiet at times

Coverage Area Maps


Approximate Local Repeater Coverage Area

World Coverage – Friday Night Tech Net 

Programmed Repeaters:

VE3MMX – Shedden, Ontario, Canada
VA3LON –  London, Ontario, Canada
VE3TTT – London, Ontario, Canada
VE3SUE – London, Ontario, Canada

Programmed channels:

Fire      –   Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Airport –  London, Ontario, Canada


VE3TTT/JO NET Saturdays @ 7:00pm
Procomm Net Thursdays 8:00pm & Sunday 8:00pm
Tech Net Fridays @ 8:00pm 
YL NET Every other Wednesday @ 9:30pm UTC




live tweets


We’re always looking to share information with the rest of the world. We’re currently working on a database full of live Amateur/Ham radio repeaters on our list.

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